Please read what some of our previous clients said about us. We would be very happy to provide you with more testimonials.

Isabel and Pepa

Hi Andrea,
I'm writing from the beach of the Seychelles! Pepa and I looked through the photos and wow they are so beautiful! Stepan is so great! We love every single one of them. We can't wait to see the others!

We never got to thank you properly for orchestrating the best day of our lives! We would love to take you out for coffee when we get back so we can properly show our appreciation :)

Take care and hope to see you soon!
Isabel and Pepa

Message from mum of the bride:
Dear Andrea,
We just check out of the apts and will be driving to Salzburg for a couple of days and come back on Friday. My family left last night and Carmen this morning. Once more I like to thank you for all the hard work you put into this!
I could not thank you enough for all your help and patience dealing with many issues at the same time. I hope we stay in touch.


And from the father of bride:
thanks again for all your help with the wedding! It was really fabulous and everyone had a wonderful time. And it couldn't have happened without you.


Emmy & Anders

Hi Radka,

THANK YOU for making our day perfect. We had the wedding of our dreams and it was even more beautiful than it already was going to be.

The guest enjoyed every moment of the day from your fantastic food, to the cake, the lovely waiters that served us and helped us organize our wedding decorations.

This wedding will be remembered for decades.

Emmy & Anders

Katka Baudišová

Hello, Radka

thank you so much for everything it was prettier and tastier than we ever imagined. We do not know what we would have done without you ... thanks thanks thanks !!

Everything went smoothly, including the preparation and cleaning, and I wanted to thank all the hard working staff for their great ability to work in this hot weather.

Once again thank you very much and I hope we will have opportunity to meet and cooperate in the future again.

Have a nice day,

Katka Baudišová (actually already Hálová)

Kristina & John

Hello Radka,

Thank you very very much for everything. Our wedding was really amazing, couldn't have been better and we and our families and friends enjoyed it so much.

Thank you ver much for everything, also not only on Saturday but last actually I think even nine months :-) and please thank for us all people from Žofín who were there, venue was beautiful, food and drinks were amazing and your people were super kind. Big thanks!

We hope to somehow see you all again (its strange you spend intensive 6 months with somebody and than its over you kind of miss that people :-))

Best regards

Kristina & John

Dasha and Nick

Dear Andrea,
How are you doing?
We would like to thank you for everything. The wedding in Prague was a real fairy tale. It was the happiest day in our lives. All our dreams came true and we couldn't be happier. You are the best wedding planner that we could wish for and you are truly an amazing person. We wish you all the best and will be so happy to see you and your family in California.

With warm wishes,
Dasha and Nick

Dear Ms. Andrea Hanusova,
the wedding of my son Nicholas and his bride Dasha at the end of the May in Prague was a truly superbly planned and executed event.  Everything proceeded flawlessly.

I wish to extend my sincere compliments to your organizational skills.

Kindest regard to you and your husband from California,
Vladimir J. Drbal

Tereza and Jakub

To my surprise, Jakub proposed for me in a very romantic way in Moravia, a gorgeous place in the south of the Czech Republic. Although, it was after a four - year relationship, it was completely unexpected for me. At that time, I was sure, he would show me the vineyard which he had bought for me. It´s necessary to say, a present like this would be like an absolute disaster for my busy life, which is placed in Prague. Today I don´t own a vineyard, but it was worth it, I wear a stunning ring and have a great husband.

Jakub and I had been planning this day for a year. To be honest, I had been planning everything around it! Fornunately I´ve met Andrea (Exclusive wedding in Prague) who helped me a lot. I would never think that arranging the wedding could be so complicated. At the beginning we were at all clear about the place of wedding – Valtice, Moravia and catering. In view of the fact that I run a catering company and delicious food was the only wish of my husband concerning the wedding day, we didn´t have to look for this kind of service. The rest of the services were recommended by Andrea and we were so lucky to have such amazing floral arrangements and such smart printed materials.Simply to say we had met some cool people along the wedding journey including an outstanding photographer Peter. His photos have proved how tallented he is and how unique artist he is. It was pleasure to have him around.

The days leading up to the wedding were hectic, of course, but perhaps the best part was how relaxed the entire day was. My planner, Andrea, and everyone who cooperated on our wedding made the day so easy and stress free. Thanks a lot. I think it was both first and last day when I felt like a queen.

My advice to other brides is to enjoy every moment of the day and trust your planner!

Katerina & Karel

Dear Radka,

We wanted to thank you for the great wedding feast, great reception in Stables and the cocktail in front of the Troja Chateu! Food and wine were perfect and we have wonderful feedback from our guests.

The service was absolutely professional and even the most demanding guests were satisfied. The bartenders were super. Please pass our thanks to them also. Everything was great!

All the best,

Kateřina & Karel

Jeremiah & Monika

Dear Radka,

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. It was truly the best day of our lives and we loved every miute of it! Thank you for continually working with us and helping us create personailized touches, an amazing day, and truly unforgettable memories.

Jeremiah & Monica

K + K

Dear Andrea,

thank you once again for perfect wedding! It would never be that perfect without you.
We have many reactions from our guests that it was very succesfull and beautiful wedding.
Please express our thanks also to your colleague.

Have a nice day,

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